Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life goes by...

I honestly can't believe how fast time is flying as I watch the girls getting bigger and bigger. McKayDee no longer has that "baby" look to her. She really is growing up. Jennaka started HeadStart this year and is loving it (when she gets to go and isn't home cick). Jennaka loves her teacher and the assistant. That is all she talks about at home these days. She is so smart. I really don't remember being that smart when I was a kid. She really need school for the social aspect of it though. She tends to be shy around a lot of people. Even people that we know. I hope she outgrows it by the time she goes to Kindergarden. She will be starting school next year and I have heard great things about the school she will be attending. Well I know this is short but I am busy all the time these days. Take care my friends.


mom/Anne said...

Hi there! It's nice to see a picture and to get a little update. Are you working now? Your last post said your job was ending.
I wouldn't worry about Jennaka being shy. She will become who she will become. By keeping her safe, helping her to succeed, and giving her sincere compliments, you will give her the best opportunity to thrive. Travis was terribly shy and oh so clingy as a little guy. Now he amazes us with his outgoing personality. Who knew that he would change so much??

Have a really merry Christmas! I'd love to hear more about how you're doing.

love your guts!