Friday, September 19, 2008

A New Chapter In Our Lives.......

So, yeah, it's been awhile since my last update on the fam. I started a job (in the secular world) at the end of July and am no longer considered a SAHM : ( Well, sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do for the family, right? I miss the girls because I feel like I am missing all of the "growing up" going on with them but coming home is really sweet when they give me big hugs and kisses. Even Papi says he misses me too! Ah, that's sweet. Jennaka will probably be starting preschool soon (if I can ever get the paperwork done). I just need to work out the logistics of how to get her to and from school each day. I guess that I haven't mentioned that we have a wonderful nanny/friend who watches the girls each day. She has a 4 year old daughter that McKayDee and Jennaka just love to death. This definitely makes it easier for me to go to work each day knowing that they are taken care of. Well, that is my update for now. Keep in touch, friends and let me know how you are all doing.


Anne said...

Hey Lisa! How in the world did you find my blog? I didn't even know Travis had it to where someone could post to it. But I'm so very glad you did find it! The girls most certainly do remember you, so you just post to them any time you want!
I'm going to try this blogging thing. We'll see what happens.
I'd love to get your phone number and address.
love ya,

ramsam said...

HI there- you visited my blog (thanks!) and asked about my sister-in-law Monse. Please click the link on my profile and e-mail me directly and I will e-mail you some of her info. She just had baby number 5 and is so busy with those kids!